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Developed for the most demanding applications

We work on each request to meet the customer's requirements in the best possible way and are always happy to face new challenges with commitment and creativity. The MITEX special coatings presented here are examples of the results of such challenges and convince with the exceptional product properties of our developments.

MITEX UltraClean

Foreign bodies in the substrate are problematic in any demanding production and inevitably lead to complaints or internal rejections. Conventional web cleaning systems require either energy-intensive media such as compressed air or environmentally harmful and expensive consumables. With the UltraClean cleaning roller, MITEX offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative which can completely remove foreign bodies down to a diameter of 5 µm. 


The roller can be flexibly and easily retrofitted and continuously cleaned by a violet, even more adhesive version. The stickiness of the coating is permanently sustainable and can be easily restored with warm soapy water. 

Additional information regarding our UltraClean roll cover may be found in the brochure below. 

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MITEX SoftSpreader

There are several established approaches to spread thin substrates such as films. However, the MITEX SoftSpreader was developed to avoid local overstretching of the film and thus wrinkles during winding, even with the thinnest substrates, as is the case with other spreader rolls with undercuts or individual elements. 

Since the soft spreader achieves the spreading effect without undercuts, no foreign bodies can accumulate here which can cause rejects as agglomerates. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of the SoftSpreader. 

For more information on our SoftSpreader roll, please refer to our brochure.

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MITEX HighRelease

MITEX has been setting benchmarks for rollers with extremely anti-adhesive coatings for years and is a leader in the production of roll coatings for laminating applications as well as extrusion processes. However, in order to use this high-performance coating economically for web guide rolls as well, a new process had to be designed following a corresponding customer inquiry. 

The product, MITEX HighRelease, allows the modified coating to be used economically for simple web guide rolls where other coatings available on the market did not allow permanent anti-adhesion. HighRelease is also available in an electrically conductive version for use in any film application with adhesive substrates.

For more information on our HighRelease roll, please refer to our brochure.

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MITEX Sandwich cover

Wrinkles in the final product are a challenge for any rewinding line. The applicator rolls used are often not compressible and thus only insufficiently compensate for unevenness and air inclusions. This can lead to quality defects or even rejects. The MITEX sandwich roll cover is a special coating with a two-layer structure that offers a compressible and at the same time resistant solution to the problem. The roll adheres uniformly along the product web even with differences in diameter, thus improving the desired winding result. The coating offers significant added value at slitter rewinders, converting lines and on rewinding lines, reducing internal waste. MITEX sandwich rolls are also available in antistatic and electrically conductive versions.


You can find more information in our brochure for download

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MITEX Mitetec

The development of Mitetec has made MITEX a leader in nonwoven roll coatings for a wide variety of production processes. The superior properties achieved by both the materials and processing at MITEX provide measurable benefits to the customer. 

Improved squeezing results and defined oil application, together with reduced wear and the long service life of the coating, are significant improvements over conventional products. 

Mitetec is successfully used, for example, in the steel and metal industry, in the automotive sector as well as in general mechanical engineering and pipeline production. 

For more information on our Mitetec roll, please refer to our brochure.

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MITEX DecoTech

The coating of complex, sophisticated structures with roll coating machines is made possible by the precisely adjustable soft coating DecoTech. The special colour spreading of the polymer from MITEX achieves a convincing coating result. The hardness can be adjusted in a defined way between 5 and 25 Shore A and allows the coating of deep profiles. 


The coating is successfully used in the furniture and flooring industry (PVC / wood) as well as for special applications. 

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