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The right coating for your application

Roll coatings differ distinctively from one another. The correct selection of a material determines the success or failure of a roll position and strongly influences your productions efficiency. A first basic classification of MITEX roll coatings can be made on the basis of the base polymers. A more precise distinction is made on the basis of the hardness of the materials, their mechanical properties and resistance to influences such as media or temperature.

Rubber roll coatings

Over 600 different rubber coatings from our own development and production are available. All material properties such as hardness, electrical conductivity and mechanical as well as thermal resistance can be adjusted precisely and according to set requirements. Special materials for high-performance applications are available together with ATEX or FDA / BfR certified coatings.

Polyurethan (PU) 

PUR-Beschichtungen sind die zweite Hauptgruppe der MITEX Produkte. Beständigkeit gegen viele konzentrierte Säuren sowie hohe Temperaturen und extreme mechanische Belastungen sind Beispiele für die Eigenschaften von PUR-Beschichtungen.

Silicone and FKM

Unique materials and proprietary manufacturing processes: MITEX silicone coatings and FKM materials with extremely anti-adhesive surfaces as well as temperature resistance and both thermal or electrical conductivity set standards worldwide.