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Roll maintenance

Partner for your rolls

Rolls differ greatly in shape, dimension and function. To enable you to rework each of your rolls quickly and economically, MITEX offers all roll-related services. From maintenance and repair to spare parts procurement, regrinding service, precision grinding and grooving as well as logistics services. 

Our claim is to be able to offer you all the services you need for your rolls and to carry them out with the utmost care.

Roll check

If required, we check your rolls after receipt of goods and document their condition. This ensures that your rolls remain fit for your demanding production process.

  • Disassembly of attachments and bearings
  • Roll measurement
  • Function and damage testing
  • Documentation

Maintenance and repair

If the roll or add-on parts are damaged, we offer you their economical and careful repair.

  • Maintenance and replacement of bearings and housings
  • Complete disassembly and maintenance of gravure pressers
  • Reconditioning of functional elements such as fits, grooves and threads
  • Reconditioning of acid damage or welds
  • Manufacture of new journals
  • Re-centering

Regrinding of coated rolls

If possible, we will be happy to renew the roll surface for you by overgrinding. Here, different roughnesses and precision grindings are possible to produce the best possible surface for your requirements.

  • Regrinding of existing coatings
  • Scheduled express production possible by agreement
  • Grinding of exactly defined precision geometries and roughness of highest requirements
  • CNC controlled crowning (convex, concave, other)
  • Settling of coating widths

Roll logistics

On request, we will be pleased to take over the delivery and / or collection of rolls to your sites. Regular transport intervals are also possible. To ensure safe transport, we offer crate repairs and high-quality new crates. Please do not hesitate to contact us.