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We can only meet the versatile requirements of the industry through our own mixing operation and thus offer individual products. This allows us to flexibly develop and manufacture materials to meet our customers' exact requirements and thus realize the best possible roll coatings. We also support other roll coaters and international licensees through contract manufacturing of elastomeric compounds.

Extensive machinery for your needs

Thanks to our extensive machinery, even larger throughputs can be implemented without any problems. In skins, strips or calendered: Depending on the requirements, different shapes can be offered for further processing. Through secure packaging and extensive documentation, international exports is possible without problems.

Assured quality

All manufactured batches are subjected to a 100% control in our own technical center. Here, the laboratory checks all relevant material properties and ensures suitability according to test specifications. Depending on the requirements, the production of test rolls is possible in order to test specific material properties on specially developed roll test stands.

Compounding to your order

We are happy to offer compound blending to other elastomer processing companies. MITEX supplies roll manufacturers in all parts of the world with rubber compounds according to third-party or selected own and licensed formulations. MITEX can also provide technical support and advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us.