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Rolls exactly for your application

Rolls can be found in countless different roll applications so that not every single application can be presented here. Whether standard coating or individual development: MITEX offers you the support exactly for your requirements. 

Below are examples of some further challenges with suggested solutions. For further information or a non-binding recommendation of our technicians for your application, please contact us directly.

Insufficient embossing for hologram foils
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  • Unsuitable material hardness and elasticity
  • Insufficient temperature resistance
  • Too weak embossing result
  • Blurring contours

Commercially available embossing roll coatings are only suitable to a very limited extent for the highest quality requirements in the production of high-quality hologram foils and for security printing.

Wrinkling of roll winders
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  • Winding too tight
  • Winding too loose
  • Unsuitable feed rolls
  • Air pockets
  • Telescoping
  • Star formation / tree rings
  • Reduced machine speeds
  • Uneven substrate adhesion
  • Product rejects

The winding of product webs is as natural as it is susceptible. The process step harbors many product-specific sources of error that can permanently disrupt subsequent processing. 

For example, winding too tightly can lead to compression folds near the core. Laminated products tend to telescope here. Too low winding tension results in a "soft" roll which, in addition to a lot of wrapped air, tends to lie flat and also to telescope. Laminated products with horizontal plating show a clearly different product adhesion in the area of the flattening, which results in oscillating peel-off behavior.

Medical applications and food production
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  • Direct food contact
  • Indirect food contact
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Nötige Zertifizierung der Walzenbeschichtung gem. BfR / FDA

MITEX has developed special roll coatings for applications that require certification of the production process. Examples are the production and processing of technical textiles, nonwovens and films and membranes for the pharmaceutical and medical industry as well as for the production of food packaging films. 

This range of materials based on NBR or EPDM meets the legal requirements of the BfR / FDA guidelines and is available in either light or dark electrically conductive colors. The usual hardness range is between 50 - 75 Shore A.

Thermal process problems
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  • No sufficient heat conduction due to roll coating
  • Insulation due to non-thermally conductive cover fabric
  • Temperature on roll surface too high
  • Chilling / heating capacity insufficient
  • Process cannot be controlled exactly

Elastomer coatings basically have very poor thermal conductivity and have a correspondingly insulating effect in the process.

Thermally conductive materials enable heat to be transported in the desired direction through the roll coating. Production parameters can be controlled in a targeted manner and processes can be run more precisely and efficiently. The cooling and heating rolls used in numerous applications can thus be used effectively and provided with an elastic roll coating. 

In many processes, a high thermal conductivity of the roll coating and thus a good cooling or heating performance is of decisive advantage.

Fire hazard / deflagration
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  • High voltage due to charge separation between substrate and roll surface

High voltages can arise due to charge separation between the substrate and the roll surface. One of the tasks of roll coatings in this area is to limit high voltages to a safe level and thus reduce the risk of fire. It is also advisable to check whether an ATEX-certified coating should be used in other comparable applications. MITEX's technical field service will be happy to provide non-binding advice in this regard. 

With ATEX certified coatings, MITEX not only sets standards and underlines the high demand for safety and quality consistency, but also makes a consistent contribution to increasing the operational safety of customers. In this respect, MITEX supports mechanical engineering as well as manufacturers of electrostatic loading and unloading systems.