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Textil industry

Rolls for textile applications

In addition to required chemical resistance, mechanical strength, precise coatings, and long service life are critical to the industry's profitability. 
Furthermore, special coatings can make a decisive difference in process quality and performance, for example for squeezing processes or product lamination. 

MITEX produces roll coatings for the textile industry worldwide and will be happy to assist you in selecting the right specialty coating for your process requirements. 

Below are examples of a few industry challenges with suggested solutions. For more information or a no-obligation recommendation from our technicians for your application, please contact us directly.

Adhesion problems on the roll cover
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Ursachen für Adhäsionsprobleme 

  • Roll surface too adhesive

  • Melted substrate

  • Short service life with regard to adhesion properties

  • Adhesive penetrates textile substrate and adheres to roll surface


Effects due to unwanted adhesion

  • Adhesion of substrate to roll surface

  • Adhesive buildup on roll surface

  • Contamination of the substrate 

  • Influence on subsequent process steps

Too high thermal insulation
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Causes of thermal insulation

  • Roll cover fabric not thermally conductive

    Cover fabric does not conduct heat sufficiently


Effects due to isolated heat

  • Chill roll performance is isolated to the product

  • Heat is isolated towards the product

  • Negatively affects production process

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Causes of surface contamination

  • Dirt from the environment settles on the product and process parts

  • Cutting residues from convection in the process

  • Environmental influences (insects, pollen, etc.) settle on the product


Effects due to pollution

  • Contaminants are trapped in the product in subsequent processes

  • Rejects

  • Damage to the product 

  • Disruption of subsequent processes 

Lamination problems
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Causes of lamination problems

  • High contact pressure

  • High process speeds

  • Adhesion of substrate to roll surface

  • No / insufficient spreading effect


Effects for problems with lamination

  • Melting or cracks on the cover surface

  • Wrinkles, holes or similar damage to the product

  • Product or adhesive sticks to the roll surface

  • Roll cover detachment

Food / Hygiene / Health sector
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Causes for a requirement

  • Customers demand FDA and / or BFR conformity

  • Market demands FDA and / or BFR conformity


FDA and BFR compliance at MITEX

  • Approval according to the specifications of the FDA / BFR

Deep embossing too low
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Causes for insufficient deep embossing

  • Surfaces of the cover material too smooth

  • Surface profile not sufficient to emboss the product

  • High temperatures affect the cover material

  • Low service life of the surface profile 


Effects due to pollution

  • Embossing too low

  • High replacement intervals of the roll covers

  • "Picking" of the cover material on the substrate

  • Adhesion of substrate to roll surface