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Products - Mill Rolls

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Cost reduction with new mill roll technology 

  • long life time
  • reduced storage
  • high coefficient of friction
  • exelent squeezing efficiency
  • roller repair without quality loss
  • reduced maintenance

Optimal properties through intensive R & D

MITEX mill rolls are used in various applications. Their state of the art properties allow a multiple life time of standard coverings and provide individual technical advantages. Further steps in our R&D department are in progress.

Applications of MITEX mill rolls
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass industry
  • Cold strip mills, coil industry
  • Automobile presses and automotive suppliers
  • Automotive blank washers
  • Presses and punching stations
  • OEM and plant construction
  • Pipe manufacturing

Leading in mill roll technology

Mitex as a leading manufacturer offers mill rolls with state of the art properties for various applications like squeezing and rinsing as well as guiding, transportation and pulling. Long life times and high squeezing efficiency are only two of the multiple advantages of MITEX mill rolls.