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Products - Textile Industry

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MITEX - Technical Solutions for the Textile Industry

MITEX rubber and polyurethane roller coverings are widely used in the textile industry. Versability and high speed, which are mainly required in the wet sections of textile machines, are provided by MITEX textile roller coverings.
  Küsters - Wet treatment
MITEX textile roller coverings
  Babcock - Wet treatment
MITEX textile roller coverings
MITEX roller coverings are manufactured world-wide. GOMPLAST MITEX is the most successful manufacturer of textile rollers in Southern Europe. For more than 10 years our joint venture in the United States successfully produces textile roller coverings in the local market.

H&M Rollers South Africa, METGUM MITEX Poland, Ruplak Rollers Int. Lebanon as well as MITEX partners in Australia, China, Chile, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Morocco manufacture textile roller coverings with MITEX Technology.