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MITEX - Your Partner for a first class Roller Covering

MITEX offers roller coverings of high quality in rubber, polyurethane, silicone and other special materials, i.e. ceramic, mill and brush rolls for all applications. The materials are available in various versions and a hardness range from 15° Shore A - 90° Shore D.

  MITETEC Mill Roll Covering as squeezing and conveyor roll in the steel, metal and automotive industry   Salzgitter Flachstahl AG — S-Roll with MITEX non-slip covering ULTRADUR
      Important Features of MITEX Rolls:
       •   long service life and cost efficiency
       •   high chemical resistance
       •   extreme high operating temperatures
       •   best running properties by high speed
       •   dynamic endurance
       •   excellent wear and cut resistance
       •   minimal hardening and glazing
       •   excellent coating and transfer characteristics
       •   adjustable electrical properties


Further products:
Steel and Stainless steel cores
FEP/PFA coverings
Hard surface coatings
  Ceramic rollers for furnaces
Coating rolls
Applicator rolls
  Chrome rollers
Laser engraved rollers
Heat transfer and Chill rollers
  Shapemeter rolls
Magnetic rollers
Carrier rollers


New product line:

The StateMix Vortex Mixer will blend


       •  reliably in seconds

       •  even difficult materials

       •  over a wide range of viscosities

       •  to a homogenous result

       •  directly in pails without a stirrer

       •  Polyurethanes, Silicones, Epoxies, Inks, Waxes, Filled Polymers and many more...

       •  for material labs, quality control applications and batch production runs

See our website for full details:

Quality Management

MITEX materials are controlled and certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and agree to international standards.